Chatsby Films

New site coming soon. In the meantime we're making content. Help us make it a success.

About Us

Chatsby Films is a boutique production company and the creative home and long time shingle of award winning show runner and creative Adam Matalon. We're lucky we have a great agency and some great attorneys to help us maneuver through the shark infested waters. As a show runner and project manager Adam has launched multiple series and produced a diverse set of scripted and unscripted programming including Donnie Loves Jennie (A&E) American Pickers (History) Atlanta Plastic (Lifetime) Yard Attack (DIY) The Mentor (Bloomberg) Making Over America (TLC) Billy The Exterminator (A&E) as well as having contributed to some major Emmy winning brands such as Millionaire (ABC) Sesame Street & Between the Lions (PBS) and Bear In The Big Blue House (Disney) He has also written produced & directed narrative and feature docs. Now building on all the 15 years of successful production experience he is building out a creatively nimble spot focused on developing and producing stories that he and collaborators feel passionate about. They include two feature documentaries, a narrative feature film based on an award winning short screenplay he co-wrote as well as developing short form comedy. Adam is also writing the book and story for a new musical based on the iconic British TV series Upstairs Downstairs. Adam is always looking for opportunities with intensely passionate ‘creatives’ who can add 'sound business minds' to their skill sets. With a history of delivering financially successful projects for major production companies and networks, it's time to build something personal. For those of you who are asking what's Chatsby? No it's not CHATS - BY as in have a conversation via film. It's CHATSBEE an old British theatrical slang word for "thingamabob" :-) and if you want to know about theatrical connections - pick up the phone.

Our process

First and foremost, we are storytellers. We're in the process of building a company that can create viewer content that entertains and provokes. We don't see a dividing line between tablets and phones, TVs or theatres. It's our job to ilicit a conversation. We're always searching for ideas that excite us. If you have a great project, we're always ready to listen. We'll guide you through the submission process. Reach out and we'll chat about it.

Our Vision

We want to entertain across demographic divides. We're developing a wide range of multi-ethnic content. We want to build a company that feels at home developing scripted series and feature films, or producing digital shorts and making unscripted docuseries. We develop formats too. Its in the DNA. We want to operate in a fiscally responsible environment where we can deliver outstanding content with great production value.

Our Approach

Our approach is pretty simple, we're gonna work our sox off to find the right mix of talent, access and production resources. We'll bring real world experience from the trenches of production, we will make things happen and we probably won't take 'no' for an answer. We figure that no one hands you a prize for not trying. We plan on succeeding.

Our Objective

We are starting with a small team with some big dreams to build a team of like-minded individuals who enjoy working together in a variety of areas. We're building on our proven personal track records to deliver substantial growth over time and deliver the same financial returns for ourselves as we have done for others.